The Department of Finance is responsible for the accounts payable, purchasing, employee payroll, debt management, pension administration, revenue investment, tax collection, certiorari tax judgment processing and employee benefit functions of the Westchester County government.

A variety of forms and reports are available for review and download. These include Westchester County’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports, Uniform Guidance Schedules (SEFA), and Bond Sale Official Statements. You may also access forms like the Certificate of Residence application, EFT and the application for Certificate of Authority to Collect Room Occupancy Tax. Look for these forms under Documentation.

The County issues long-term debt in the form of General Oblication Serial Bonds to fund capital construction and renovation projects wihtin Westchester.

The Bureau of Purchase and Supplies has many agreements for supplies and services with vendors. We encourage participating local governments, school districts and fire districts to save money and time by reviewing and, where it makes financial sense, benefiting from our contracts.

Westchester County is AA rated by all three bond rating agencies - Standard and Poor’s, Fitch and Moody’s.