If a check issued by the County of Westchester is lost, stolen or held beyond ninety days, it must be reissued. Contact the issuing office directly to report a check problem.

Checks issued by the County Finance Department
Contact County Payroll at (914) 995-4715 for a county employee paycheck.
Contact County Accounts Payable at (914) 995-4706 for payment to a vendor, contractor, or consultant.

Checks issued by the Department of Social Services   
Contact the Bureau of Case Review at (914) 813-6620 and (914) 813-6648 for public assistance checks.

All checks older than six months will require research prior to replacement and may be delayed for a period of one to three months depending on backlog. The Finance Department will verify that the check has not been cashed or previously replaced before a check will be reissued.

No Fee Direct Deposit and Electronic Funds Transfer
Avoid losing checks. Westchester County, in its endeavor to pay all employees, vendors, contractors, and consultants in a prompt and timely manner, offers no fee direct deposit and electronic funds transfer to savings and checking accounts. This secure and reliable alternative to paper checks is the Finance Department’s contribution to the county’s green initiative; it is cost effective and secure.