1. Do I need a certificate for each school I attend?
    Yes. Certificates are specific to each school.

  2. I am a Westchester County resident attending Westchester Community College, do I need a certificate?
    No. As a resident of Westchester County, you automatically qualify for the resident tuition rate (in-state tuition).

  3. How long is my certificate valid?
    If your certificate was issued for the Fall semester, it is valid until the following Fall (one year). If your certificate was issued for Winter, Spring, or Summer, you must apply for another certificate in the Fall.

  4. I moved out of Westchester County 6 months ago, do I qualify for a certificate from Westchester County?
    No. Your certificate will be issued by the county in which you have been a resident for the past 6 months.

  5. I moved out of Westchester County within the past 6 months, do I qualify for a certificate from Westchester County?
    You will be issued a partial certificate to cover the period, within the past 6 months that you were a resident of Westchester County.

  6. I have misplaced my Social Security Card. Is there an acceptable substitution?
    A tax return (your own, or a guardians) with your entire social security number is the only substitution. Visit the Social Security website to obtain a new card.

  7. What documents are acceptable to prove residence?
    New York State issued photo ID; bank statement; utility bill, voter registration card; car insurance ID card, high school report card; credit card statement; property tax bill; letter from your school; etc.

  8. I don’t have any proof of residence in my name, what do I do?
    Have a parent or guardian fill out the parent/guardian form and submit the proof of address documents in their name. The student application is still required, as are copies of the student photo ID, and social security card.