Each year a notice of names of persons appearing as owners of certain unclaimed property held by the Commissioner of Finance of Westchester County is published in local newspapers for funds held by the county for over (3) three years without action. 
The latest notices were published in newspapers on March 2017 and are linked below.

The notice is given pursuant to Section 601 of the Abandoned Property Law of the State of New York. The notice states that the Commissioner of Finance of the County of Westchester has on deposit or in custody certain monies or property paid or deposited in actions or proceedings in the several courts in the county and that during the month of April of that year the funds will be sent to the New York State Comptroller in Albany, NY.

The persons whose names are set forth from the records of the said Commissioner of Finance may be entitled to such property in the amount of $50 or more.

Any claims towards the abandoned property should be directed to:

Westchester County Finance Department
148 Martine Ave. 
White Plains, NY 10601
Suite 724- Unclaimed Property  
(914) 995-3706


January 2018 Notice: Properties deposited prior to Jan 1 2015

March 2017 Notice: Properties deposited Prior to Jan 1, 2014

February 2016 Notice for Prior to 2013 Funds

March 2015 Notice for Prior to 2012 funds

February 2015 Notice for Prior to 2011 funds

January 2015 Notice

January 2014 Notice

February 2013 Notice

January 2012 Notice

February 2011 Notice

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January 2009 Notice