The County of Westchester Public Utility Agency was established by referendum in 1982. The goals of the Agency include the acquisition of lower cost electric energy for use by the County and the provision of lower cost energy to businesses and residential customers within the Con Edison service territory.

The Business Incentive Rate ("BIR") is one way of providing lower cost energy to qualified businesses. The BIR offers special reduced energy rates to attract and retain businesses and jobs in Westchester County. The BIR term is flexible, from three to 10 years, followed by a phase-out period of three to five years as determined by COWPUSA. It is generally a 15-year program, with 10 years of full benefits and the final five years at a declining discount.

There are two programs: the New or Vacant Premises program administered directly by Consolidated Edison and the Attraction and Retention program administered through the County of Westchester Public Utility Agency.

Both programs provide for reductions in the transportation & delivery ("T&D") portion of the electric bill. The reduction in the monthly T&D demand charge ranges from 41 to 50 percent, depending on the customer's service classification.

New or Vacant Program - Administered directly by Consolidated Edison
Businesses that reoccupy vacant commercial or industrial buildings, or move into newly constructed ones, may qualify for reduced electric rates. In the case of a "vacant premises," at least 75 percent of the building must have been unoccupied for 12 consecutive months out of the 24 months preceding application for a BIR allocation. Length of vacancy must be documented. In order to qualify as "new premises," there must be new construction and additions or extensions to an existing building do not qualify. In either case, the business must be receiving a substantial real property tax incentive or Payment-in-Lieu of Taxes Agreement ("PILOT") for a minimum of five years. For further information, please contact James B. Hartwick at Consolidated Edison at (914) 925-9459. Additional information is available on the Con Edison Web site.

Attraction or Retention Program – Administered through the County of Westchester Public Utility Agency
Businesses occupying existing premises may qualify for this portion of the BIR program but the business must be entitled to receive a substantial and meaningful comprehensive package of economic incentives from State or local authorities.

Applicants should attach a cover letter documenting the comprehensive package of economic development incentives that they will be receiving.

Documentation required:

  • A completed application
  • A copy of the business lease or deed
  • A copy of the business certificate or Certificate of Incorporation

For further information contact:

Timothy S. Carey, Executive Director

County of Westchester Public Utility Agency
148 Martine Ave., Room 239
White Plains, NY 10601

Tel: (914) 995-3143

Note: The Business Incentive Rate is not available to retail establishments, restaurants or hotels. Also excluded is public light and power in multi-tenanted residential buildings.